Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Pink I Can + Nail Art

So after staring at I Pink I Can Do for a while.. I needed to spice it up. Since it wasn't my perfect barbie pink, I couldn't just stare at it alone. So I added some dots! First, here's what I used.

Forgive me for the messiness, but I used a black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, the dotter end of a double sided brush, and a pointy q-tip with the tip cut. I do this because at the moment I only have one sized dotter. I use acrylic paint for my nail art for two reasons. One, it's super cheap, about 79 cents a bottle, so I don't feel bad about dumping a lot out. Two, it wipes of with water, so one little mess up doesn't mean a total do-over.

For some reason, I deleted the picture of the white dots alone, but pretend it's there. Big white dots in a staggered pattern. Nice, right? Then I added smaller, black dots on top, going for a kind of mod look. 

This is the finished picture, all cleaned up and with top coat. Nice and easy, right? The other thing I like about acrylic paint is the fast dry time.

So, what's your easy go-to nail art to jazz up an okay polish? Mine is definitely polka dots!


  1. This is super cute! I always either stamp over an old mani or put a flaky or matte topcoat on them. :P

  2. i just picked up my first matte topcoat and can't wait to use it! i'll def keep that in mind!