Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday - OPI Pink Friday

Something magical happened to me the other day. I bought my two of my new favorite nail polishes. No lie. This is a big deal to me, who is super ADD and finds it hard to like the same thing for two days in a row. What are they? OPI's Pink Friday and Save Me, from the queen herself, Nicki Minaj.

I knew Pink Wednesday was coming up, so even though I bought these (and Metallic for Life) on Sunday, I saved them for today, figuring that it would work. I also knew I wanted to keep it really simple. So here's what I did!

I'm so in love with these two. I layered Save Me over one coat of Julep Leighton, but since I fully plan on doing a full mani and review on those together, I'll save it. Just know that I'm in love. Pink Friday was a dream. An awesome pink that isn't quite bubble gum pink, maybe a little lighter. Full coverage in two coats. I had hopes for this being my barbie pink, but nope. Still looking. I know it seems impossible, but this is the kind of subtly gorgeous pink that you could wear alone to say, an interview, and feel both fun and beautiful and professional. Who'd have thunk it from Nicki Minaj?

All in all I adore this mani and can't wait to go.. everywhere to show it off. Which means I need to find somewhere to go.. well, I'm off then!

So did any of you pick up the Nicki polishes?


  1. Wow this mani is awesome!! I picked up all the Minaj's except the crackle! I LOVE them!!!!!!! I really like your blog, it's super cute!

  2. Oh this is a gorgeous mani! I saw some pictures of Pink Friday and wasn't crazy about it but it looks so much better on you than in many of the swatches I've seen, much warmer.
    China Glaze's Gogo Pink might be a nice barbie pink for you. Maybe even Mom's Chiffon (also CG) which is a shade darker.
    As to essie polishes, I own quite a few so if you are looking for a specific shade let me know and I'll be glad if I can help.
    Thanks for following by the way :)

  3. I haven't picked any up yet, but I want to!

  4. @ Nory O- i love them too! i've been dying to get my hands on them since i heard about them! thanks!

    @ greeneyes - thanks so much! but i'll definitely have to go out and look for those! when i first started my obsession i was dead set on OPI but i'm quickly falling in love with CG

    @ polish and charms - i definitely recommend you do! they are all amazing!

  5. I adore your idea of doing an accent nail in Save Me!! So cute