Friday, January 13, 2012

Zoya - Luna

I swear that Friday the 13th is totally killing me today! I'm not one of those people who believe in Friday the 13th, but today may have made me a believer. No, nothing terrible happened but it did take me literally five tries to do my nails! For some reason, every time I did them either I would ruin them in the last moment or just hate it and start over. Finally I went to my fall back - sparkles.

I got my first two Zoyas the other day and this brand is awesome! Luna is a silver glitter in a dove grey base. I used one coat of China Glaze Pelican Grey as a base and one coat of Luna. It had really good coverage and the only reason I put a base coat on was because swatches I saw on other blogs that alone the glitter made it look sparse but I think if applied with an even hand that two coats would  give full coverage. I'll be sure to try it soon, I just could. not. bear. doing my nails again.

Look at that shine! I'm so easily distracted by glittery things...

So, do you believe in Friday the 13th?


  1. Great sparkle! I've had those horrible nail days too...when everything ends up being a magnet to your nails...I'm always smudging or denting my polish as it frustrating. I think this combo makes up for all the bad luck though :D

  2. the glitter looks amazing in these pictures!

  3. Sooo pretty and sparkly! :)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how sparkly it is.