Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Kim-pletely In Love

Today I have for you guys Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely in Love. It was from the Kardashian Kollection and it's definitely worthy of your time and money. It's a very light pink shimmer with blue and green shimmer. The only problem I could find with it is that it is very sheer, but I fixed that by putting it over white. I still needed three coats though. This is three coats and a top coat over the white base.

The other problem is that it is impossible to photograph! I tried so many different angles, but nooppee. The shimmer would just NOT show up. Ugh, sigh. Maybe I'll try it again when it's sunny out and take some pictures outside. But for now, it's rainy, icky, and night time here in Jersey. Here's me attempting to get an angle that shows the shimmer... aaaannnd... fail.

So, are you guys as Kardashian obsessed as me?


  1. I passed on this one as I am not into sheer polishes but that's just me! It looks lovely on you! I only got 2 from this collection.

  2. I think this is such a pretty polish, but I don't like the fact that you need so many coats.

  3. I have this one, I need to use it :)sucks that so many coats are needed though

  4. @ polish and charms - i loved this collection, and got four from it. i wouldn't have picked this for myself, but my mom got it for me for christmas, and i'm so happy she did!

    @ marijo - yeah, the coats stunk, but i do have to say it stayed very well for having so many. i work in retail and after six hours of shipment folding and sensoring i had no show of wear!

    @ little monster - me too! its so pretty!

    @ polish amor - definitely use it! let me know if when you swatch it you can get the shimmer to show up!

    1. Hi New Follower. Thanks for the swatch I would totally go out and buy this but now that you said it would take 3 coats and white under nosireee! I am a 2 coat kinda girl. This post was useful ;)